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Your plan account information, including your personal information, is provided to Newport Group, Inc. ("Newport") by your employer. Newport will never ask plan participants for their personal information.

"Phishing" is a form of internet fraud. The sender uses emails and websites that appear legitimate but are designed to entice you to provide your personal information they can then use to open lines of credit, gain access to your bank accounts or obtain additional information about you. An example would be an email that appears to be sent by Newport or your employer asking you to "confirm" your name, social security number, birthdate or address. Another is to ask you to log onto the plan’s website using a link in the email. Instead of linking to the plan’s website, the link directs you to a fraudulent site created by the phisher that looks exactly like the Bell Bank login page. Once a "phisher" has your login information, he or she can log into your account, see your personal account information and use it. If you use the same ID and passwords for other accounts (such as your bank) the phisher can use your login information to access those accounts in addition to your plan account information.

You can take simple steps to protect yourself from internet fraud. If you receive an e-mail that appears to be sent by Newport requesting any personal information, including your name, social security number, address, birthdate, your login ID, password or any bank information, please do not respond. You should bring the e-mail to our attention by forwarding the e-mail to Information Security. Whenever you log onto Bell Bank, first close your browser, reopen it and then type in the URL at Whenever you are on Bell Bank's website, you should see the URL address start with Also consider changing your Bell Bank ID and password so that it does not match your online bank account and other account login IDs and passwords.